My Five on a Friday – 16/11/2018

What a busy week! It’s been a good one, but oh boy am I ready for a weekend with very few plans.

You might have noticed that I’m changing things up a little round here and taking some inspo from my friend and fellow blogger Jess Soothill and sharing five things on a Friday. 


My first workshop

I ticked off a huge goal for my social media coaching business this week. I hosted my first ever workshop! This one was on Instagram and aimed specifically at indie retailers, makers and small businesses. We started small with 6 spaces and managed to sell out (phew!). The attendees had an hour with me and an hour with photographer Robyn Swain. The main thing we learnt is that we had more content than time! All in all it went swimmingly and I can’t wait to do another one.



The Back Up Plan

I’ve been meaning to read Alice’s book, The Back Up Plan* since she first announced it and finally I picked up a copy. Alice’s blog, More Than Toast, is one of the first that I read all those years ago, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m lucky enough to call Alice a bloggy friend after meeting up a few times in ‘real life’. Now as for her book, I hardly put it down after buying it on Friday evening and then finishing it up on Sunday! Alice shares about the break down of her marriage and how she navigated her way through it with two children under two. It’s not a self help book, but rather a memoir and it will have you feeling inspired by all she’s achieved since.


Taking time out

With business stepping up a gear over the last few weeks I was starting to feel rather overwhelmed. After a dropped my girls at school this morning I decided to go for a walk to clear my head. On one hand this made me feel a little anxious as I was acutely aware of the amount I had to get done but I knew deep down that spending half an hour away from my desk would make me more productive. I was right – thankfully! Taking time to clear my head and enjoy some fresh air worked wonders and I got straight on with my to do list as soon as I got home.




My littlest girl has joined her sister and started swimming competitively for our local swimming club. She had her first gala at the weekend and managed to come home with a gold and silver in her age category! The look on her little face when she got her medals was priceless.


Getting organised

Trying to set up a business and run it successfully while also working around family life is a nigh on impossible task, and this week, as I’ve said, I was starting to real feel it. This led me to get serious about finding anything that would streamline my processes and free up my time to get on with work. I’ve now set up the online booking and calendar system Calendly which means that my coaching clients can book in with the time I have available, cutting down all the back and forth messaging trying to find a date and time that works for both of us. Whoop!


So there’s my mini list for the week. 

I’ve really enjoyed the simplicity of writing these posts and hope that you enjoy reading them.


So go on, what are your five things?

morganaMy Five on a Friday – 16/11/2018

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