New Year, Same Me

You know that phrase, New Year, New Me? 

Yeah. I’m not really a fan of that kind of sentiment.


It’s rather crazy to think that we’ll wake up changed or that somehow everything we haven’t managed in the last 30 odd years we will miraculously do, or even be, next year.

This New Year craziness includes physical self improvement like dieting. Aiming to get into that pair of pre-child birth jeans that have been hanging in the wardrobe for years and stare at you disapprovingly every time you open the closet doors. I’m not saying that getting back in those jeans won’t ever happen and who knows what can be achieved if you are motivated (I’m not). All I know is that giving away that pair of jeans was the best thing I ever did. Moving more and getting out of Christmas mode, ie eating Christmas cake for breakfast is the kind of New Year aim I’m going for.

When it comes to life, both personally and professionally, sure set goals, make healthy changes, and set boundaries but don’t heap pressure on yourself, or set unattainable, unrealistic and unmeasurable goals. There is no worse feeling than constantly being smacked in the face by perceived failure. I say perceived as when we set aims and goals that are unrealistic we are always going ‘fail’ and not take into account all the work and changes we’ve made to try and reach them. 

Set small targets first and be sure to celebrate those small wins.

Far too often we forget the steps we’ve taken and the positive changes we’ve made when faced with the ‘big picture’. 

I’ve fallen foul to this too many times, and it’s taken a loved one to carefully point out the things I have achieved or the kind of person I’ve become.


A new year is the perfect time to look how far you’ve already come, whether that’s professionally of personally. Start the year positively. Don’t just look at how you can change yourself or improve.

And remember, YOU are enough.


(Featured photo by Tessa Rampersad)

morganaNew Year, Same Me


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  • Notmyyearoff - January 3, 2018 reply

    I am so rubbish at New Years resolutions and gave up doing serious major ones a long time ago for exactly this reason. You feel like crap for not keeping up and feel like crap for feeling like you’ve failed in the first month of the new year. I now do some little ones like err..putting my laundry away quickly and admiring the view more…I’m not too great at those either but don’t feel so bad breaking them 🙂

  • Jess Soothill - January 7, 2018 reply

    I love this – and I agree. Plus it really IS disappointing when you don’t achieve them either – so this is spot on. I have some style goals and some work goals but nothing particularly hard to reach; mostly it’s about self-care this year and being happy xx happy new year lovely!

  • Heledd - Running in Lavender - January 10, 2018 reply

    Yes to this!!! I find January and the beginning of the new year tough and the thought of challenging myself at this dark time is not a good idea. I’d definitely set myself up to fail, which would make me feel worse. For me January is all about taking care or myself and treating myself (ideally without spending too much money!).

    Happy New Year and treat yourself!! xx

  • Jenny - January 11, 2018 reply

    Oh I am completely agree with this. I don’t do resolutions or rather try to fix anything that I think needs changed or fixing because it doesn’t work for me by February I am right back to being me. Instead I tried this year to change the mindset and outlook on life in general and it has really helped me see that being me is ok just the way I am and givings me targets to work on business wise each week but no more than I always do. Here is to a great year ahead for all of us. #wrc

  • Gail - January 11, 2018 reply

    Fab post, Morgana, and I totally agree. New Year’s resolutions can become a stick to beat yourself with. Happy and healthy at any time of year is good enough for me xx

  • Suzanne - January 14, 2018 reply

    I absolutely love the opportunity to set myself new little challenges and goals. I never go all out on a massive resolution because I know that I won’t stick to it but small lifestyle adjustments I can do. I’m very disciplined so generally will not fail if I set myself achievable goals, my personality type actually thrives on them as they give me such a sense of achievement. I like your sentiment though – You are enough. Absolutely. xs

  • Kerri-Ann - January 14, 2018 reply

    I couldn’t agree more love, we make resolutions together. Things we want to achieve as a family and personally. I hope you are having a good January x

  • Chloe: Picture Taker Memory Maker - January 14, 2018 reply

    I always set an intention rather than resolutions or specific goals to try and achieve. An intention is more a way I want to live my life over the next twelve months and I find it helps enormously with giving me direction and purpose whilst still allowing me to be ‘me’.

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