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Having a family so young, I was 23 when I had my eldest, meant that we’ve not really been away much over the last ten years. Money has been spent on the children, on renovating our home, and sadly, not on holidays. While we were in our early twenties our child free friends were off back packing and exploring the world and we were in a sleepless, nappy and milk filled haze! Having children at that age could have its upside though, my husband and I would console ourselves with the idea that we’d have our time to travel the world once the girls moved out. We’d be in our early 40s and have more disposable income than we would have done in our 20s! So less living out of a backpack and more air conditioned luxury hotels! We’ve already started making a travel bucket list, obviously some of the places we plan to visit with the children while others will be for just the two of us. The list is getting longer all the time! Whether it’s staying in a luxurious hotel in the Maldives or in the best villas in Bali we’ve got lots of exploring to do. The is the first post of a series I want to write, all about the places on my travel bucket list, the first up is Bali.

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Ever since I watched the film, Eat Pray Love on the first day of my maternity leave on my own in the cinema I just knew Bali was a place I had to experience for myself. While I doubt I’ll be staying in an Ashram while I’m there as Elizabeth Gilbert did (played by Julia Roberts in the film), I was captivated by the beautiful scenery and culture. I’ve been having a browse online and already got some ideas of where I’d love to visit and the things I’d be keen to experience.



One of the main places featured in the film (and of course whether the author herself, Elizabeth Gibert stayed) was Ubud, known as the cultural capital of Bali, it’s a real must visit. 

From the market, as shown here in a still from Eat Pray Love, to the palace, the art galleries and museums and the Sacred Monkey Forest. It seems there is plenty to do and see, that’s before you even mention the yoga retreats and spas.

Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Situated in Tegalalang Village just north of Ubud. is the Tegalalang Rice Terrace, one of the famous sight seeing locations in Bali.

Beautiful scenery, of these large and organised rice fields would be worth the hike needed to get there. 

Find out more – Tegalalang Rice Terrace


Sacred Monkey Forest

Found in the dense jungle known officially as, Mandala Wisata Wanara Wana, is the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. Within the jungle there are three temples, including the Pura Dalem Agung. This nature reserve is home to over 600 grey-haired and long-tailed Balinese macaques. 


Find out more – Sacred Monkey Forest


Lembongan Island

Moving further south, another place I’d love to visit is Nusa Lembongan. This is a beautiful island just off the coast of Bali. This is a place that has seen a lot of change and development recently. Once a place for surf shacks now there are boutique hotels and temples that are being renovated due to the money brought in from the tourist industry. From its pristine white beaches, to attractions such as a mysterious underground house, lush mangrove forests, and farming villages that retain their old ways.


Ceningan Channel – the underwater Buddha

From the look of these photos, snorkeling in Ceningan Channel, a diving spot located between the Lembongan and Ceningan Islands is a definite ‘must’ in my book.

Apparently, this Buddha temple garden are part of an underwater garden initiative to help rejuvenate the coral. It’s not a sacred site and apparently not a well known ‘attraction’.

Find out more – Nusa Lembongan, Lonely Planet

Finding the Underwater Buddha – The Travel Girls



Situated on the south western coast of Bali is Canggu, and like Nusa Lembongan (and lets face it – Bali in general!) it is a place famous for its surfing. From growing up in Cornwall and learning to surf at our Surf Snowdonia trip last year, surfing is an activity we’re keen to get more involved in. There are so many beautiful beaches in Canggu, with one in particular being Echo beach, or Pantai Batu Mejan.

Pantai Batu Mejan

This black sand beach is an experienced surfers paradise, so probably one we would end up enjoying as spectators rather than surfers! The strong current means that it’s not a great choice for a beginner like me! 

There is a Hindu sea temple and plenty of restaurants and bars on the seafront, so a great place to visit and enjoy the view.

Splash Waterpark

For something a little less cultural Canggu is also home to a waterpark,  so if we do end up going with the kids, this will be a place we’ll definitely be trying out. Oh who I am I kidding, we’d go there with or with out the children! 

Find out more –

Echo Beach – Tripadviser

Splash Bali



Bali seems to have the sense of relaxation that I look for in a holiday combined with so much to see and do. I’d definitely look to spending some time in a luxurious villa by the sea first and then do some travelling around the island and beyond.


Have you been to Bali?

Where’s on your travel bucket list?




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