Beautiful books, birthday joy and a rather large bag #LittleLoves

This week has been one of those weeks where I feel like I just haven’t stopped. Busy work days have blurred into busy evenings ferrying both my children to their clubs, classes and training each night. Normally we split the responsibilities but with my other half struck down with man flu I’ve had to step up. I’m ready for the weekend now, that’s for sure. I better get a lie in on Saturday! In amongst the busy times I’ve had some lovely moments.

So lets go onto those wonderful little things from this week, grab a cuppa (or a glass, depending on the time of day..!) and have a read.




Little Women

Now that my eldest has finished all the Harry Potter series with her dad she was keen to find a book that we could enjoy together. After watching the film and then the Christmas television adaptation of Little Women together it seemed to the perfect idea for me to read the actual book to her. We’ve got the Puffin in Bloom edition which is simply beautiful.  

Typographic Specimens

I was gifted this book and as a fan of typography I found it’s premise really intriguing. Each animal is created with the use of traditional typefaces, numerals and punctuation marks. 

For the backstory of the book, as compiled by Andy Bainbridge a Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design, there is a rather magical tale that brings it to life. After renovating a farmhouse that had been in the family for generations Andy discovered ancestral belongs of his Great Great Grandfather Reverend Jackson Whitehead. The Reverend had been a chaplain on board various ships in the 1880s and created the fantastical creatures he came across on his travels. The Reverend himself bares a rather uncanny resemblance to his great great grandson.. and whether the stories of this book are what they seem is left to the imagination of the reader.

Typographical Specimens is available to buy here




Dunkirk has been on my ‘to watch’ list ever since it hit the cinemas but it’s only recently that I’ve had the chance to watch it. Oh my, it didn’t disappoint. I found it to be an incredibly moving film, I cannot even begin to imagine the horror and desperation those men felt on that beach.  Of course I cried towards the end when you saw all the tiny boats travelling towards the shore, if you’ve seen the film you’ll know the moment I mean.

Birthday happiness

Last Friday my youngest girl celebrated her seventh birthday and she was just as giddy and excited as I expected. Nothing beats the joy on children’s faces on their birthdays! She’s got her birthday treat on Saturday, a trip to our local Clip N Climb centre with a couple of friends and then out for tea.



I finally made the announcement that I was shutting my store, Little and Fierce, this week. You can read all about my reasons behind it here, Why I’m Shutting Up Shop

This afternoon I’m attempting to make a rainbow cake for my youngest daughter’s birthday tea with friends. I made one for her first birthday and found it to be such a faff that I swore I’d never make one again. Sadly E’s obsession with rainbows coupled with the fact that she doesn’t remember the first cake, she is insistent in having one this year. Wish me luck… and a whole lot of patience!


A brand new bag

It’s a bit of a running joke in our house, my obsession with bags. I’ve got far more than I’d like to admit, and that’s with regular clear outs too! This is my most recent addition, the Mi-Pac Gold Weekender, that I can chuck everything in when I’m out and about. Including my laptop! It’s nothing fancy but it’s been a huge help already. 



Highly Suspect

I’ve been trying to get myself out of the habit of just listening to the same bands, so I popped on the Dirty Rock Spotify playlist in the hope of finding some new bands similar to Royal Blood to listen to. It’s been a fantastic playlist and I’ve discovered loads of new bands through it, including this one, Highly Suspect.


and lastly

We’re got a busy weekend ahead of us what with E’s party as well as a mini family shoot with Robyn and not to mention my husbands birthday and our twelfth (!!) wedding anniversary! I came across this quote on Pinterest, and think it’s pretty apt really…


Have a fantastic weekend!


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morganaBeautiful books, birthday joy and a rather large bag #LittleLoves


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  • chantelle hazelden - January 19, 2018 reply

    Happy anniversary!! Do you know I’ve never read Little Women, must work on reading more classics. That bag is lush. Enjoy your weekend.

  • Angela Webster - January 19, 2018 reply

    That’s one Mary Poppins of a bag ! I love it. It sounds like it been a week of celebrating, happy anniversary for this weekend too. Have a lovely weekend x

  • robyn - January 19, 2018 reply

    You have got a busy weekend ahead! I’ll make sure to stick to the time schedule! I promise! ha ha xxx

  • Sonia - January 19, 2018 reply

    Oh I really must watch Dunkirk soon it sounds like an amazing film. Sorry to hear you are shutting up she, it is so hard to keep a business going nowadays isn’t it. I wish you all the success in the world for whatever you take on next x

  • Anna-Marie - January 19, 2018 reply

    That is a very large bag! But I love it! So sorry to hear about you shutting up shop, but I am excited to see where you go next! Not seen Dunkirk, its on my list of films to watch. Good luck with making the cake, I attempted a rainbow cake once and I said I would never do it again! Hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating.

  • natalie - January 19, 2018 reply

    Oh Dunkirk is on my list – I might try watch it tomorrow!! Happy birthday to your lovely girl, I hope she had a great birthday. Sounds like a great weekend ahead – enjoy!

  • Gail - January 19, 2018 reply

    Sounds like a busy week Morgana, hope you do get that lie in at the weekend! Oh we watched Dunkirk in the holidays, it’s fabulous. And good luck with the cake! Xx

  • Jessica - January 19, 2018 reply

    I love the Puffin In Bloom books! I have the whole collections because I always judge a book by its cover…x

  • Emma - January 19, 2018 reply

    Ah, I love Little Women. That cover is such a stunner. Have a fab weekend <3

  • Steph Burroughs - January 19, 2018 reply

    Gosh! You really have got a jam-packed weekend ahead! Happy anniversary too! I’m planning my little girl’s party too, but luckily I always rope Grandma into making the cake. Other than we totally cheat and ‘make’ one using ready-made cakes from Marks and Spencer.

    I’ve not seen Dunkirk (is that Harry Styles?!?) – but I bet if I were to watch it I’d be in floods of tears. I can just picture the scene you talked about.

    Thank you so much for having me in your linky 😉


  • Joanna Bayford - January 19, 2018 reply

    Love how pretty the copy of little woman looks. Sounds like u have a busy weekend with ur daughters birthday stuff going on. #LittleLoves

  • Stacie - January 19, 2018 reply

    Happy Anniversary! It sounds like you’ve had a busy week. That copy of Little Women is gorgeous! I totally buy books just for the cover art, it’s a terrible habit. My husband watched Dunkirk and wasn’t blown away unfortunately, I think it was so hyped up that he was left a little disappointed. Enjoy your weekend xx

  • Jenny - January 19, 2018 reply


  • RachelSwirl - January 19, 2018 reply

    Wow birthdays and wedding anniversaries, so much going on and the shutting of your shop too. You must have had such a busy but rewarding week!

  • Stacey - Mums blind love - January 20, 2018 reply

    Love the cover of that Little Women book. The bag looks perfect for all the things that us mums find ourselves carrying around with us. I hope your having a great weekend with lots of celebrations.

  • Tracey Williams - January 20, 2018 reply

    Your weeks sounds very similar to mine Morgana with birthdays and man flu (though I can’t call it that as it is proper flu diagnosed by a doctor !!!). I know what you mean about stepping up and ferrying the kids around, plus juggling birthday stuff, a busy few days in work and everything else in between. Really sorry to hear about your shop and I am sure it was not a decision you took lightly. Have a lovely anniversary and hope the climbing party went well x

  • Clémentine - January 21, 2018 reply

    I love your Little Women copy! I got the same one for Christmas along with A little princess which I never read but loved the movie so much. I know what you mean about Dunkirk, the movie was so well made, I had a feeling of unease with the music and it made me think I wouldn’t have stayed alive for more than 5 minutes if I had participated in a war. The fear they must have experienced seem unreal. Have a fabulous week xx

  • Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too - January 21, 2018 reply

    I still have the Little Women adaptation on my viewing list from Christmas (I really must catch up). The novel is already on my reading list for this year (which I am also failing at) – do you see a theme? A rather large bag is sometimes what is needed, there is always so much stuff required to go places that it’s good to have it all in one bag.

  • Carolynne @ Mummy Endeavours - January 21, 2018 reply

    Ooh that Typographic book looks interesting! I’m curious to see Harry Styles in that film… but not really fancied the story. Now you’ve said it’s good I want to give it a try! Love that bag and the singer in that band looks HOT haha xx

  • Laura - Dear Bear and Beany - January 22, 2018 reply

    I can’t wait until my eldest is older and we can enjoy books like Little Woman together. I hope she had a lovely birthday and the rainbow cake was a success. My mum made one last year for Alice and said it was hard work, oops! x

  • Gemma @ gemslittletreasures - January 22, 2018 reply

    That bag is just wonderful! I certainly have a bag obsession too and I hate having to clear them out. A big bag is what its all about for being able to throw it all in. The typography book looks great too, what a clever idea! Hope you had a wonderful weekend x

  • Sarah Christie - January 22, 2018 reply

    I hope E had a wonderful birthday! I love the bag and have never read little women I think I will put this on my list for this year. Hope you all had a fab weekend x

  • Lauren Woodward - January 23, 2018 reply

    I saw Dunkirk in the cinema and absolutely loved it. Other than constantly jumping because of the bombs. That was embarrassing. I was really surprised by how good Harry Styles was.
    One thing I loved about the film was that there was no underlying storyline. No romance to follow. It was simply about Dunkirk. Was a refreshing change.
    Love that bag too!
    Hope you all enjoyed your celebrations x

  • Kerri-Ann - January 25, 2018 reply

    Its such a great movie – quite unexpected really. At first I struggled with the lack of conversation but I really did enjoy it. I hope you have had a good week x

  • Chantal - Capturing These Days - January 25, 2018 reply

    Oh that copy of Little Women is just dreamy, and I’m sure at some point I will get that version as well as my very dog-eared copy! I hope you’ve had a wonderful week, and happy anniversary!! xx

  • Eilidh - January 29, 2018 reply

    Happy anniversary! I love that bag! I was so sad to see you had shut up shop, it must have been a hard decision, but reading your post, I do understand x

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