Delicious biscuits, a couple of good books and a weekend getaway #LittleLoves

Oh what a whirlwind of emotions Mothers Day weekend was. We had such a lovely family break in the Peak District but it was a day tinged with sadness without my mum. We made lots of new memories in places I went to as a child and it meant so much to take my children to them too. When we came home on Monday afternoon I must admit it took me a while to get back into work mode for the rest of the week! Thankfully I was back on track for Tuesday and ticking tasks of my to do list like a boss!

So, here we go lets get onto those wonderful little things from this week, grab a cuppa (or a glass, depending on the time of day..!) and have a read.




The Good People

I finished The Good People earlier this week and was rather sad when it ended. Kent fully draws you back in time and makes it all seem so very really. She is a wonderful story teller and I’ll definitely be reading her previous book, Burial Rites.


The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock

Next up is this beauty which I must confess I mainly bought because of the cover art. I’m excited for an early night so I can delve into this new world, I think it will be a good book to follow The Good People.

Blogs and articles

Honestly, even for an introvert, listening can be draining – Introvert Dear

I’ve written a few times now about being an introvert, and I’m subscribed to a few collaborative blogs that discuss it. When I spotted this post on my Bloglovin feed I clicked on it instantly. The words really resonated with me and I felt almost let off the hook and no longer guilty for feeling drained after listening intently to emotional conversation. I end up feeling what the other person feels and take it on myself which in turn makes my mood rather low. Believe it or not I end up feeling like this when I’ve watched an intensely emotional film or television programme. Apparently this is rather common for people of my personality type, who knew? I feel my own blog post on this coming on now.

Mothers Day The Joules Way – The Ordinary Lovely

I am a huge fan of Rachel’s blog and have been ever since she started it up, if you haven’t visited it before then go and do it, well as soon as you’ve finished this post, obviously. Recently Rachel and her mum along with a few select bloggers and their mums were whisked away to Cornwall’s beautiful Watergate Bay hotel by Joules. It looks like the most perfect weekend away, but then I am biased when it comes to this location as we’ve stayed there a few times ourselves, for our anniversary specifically.

A Little Office Update- Amble and Ash

Oh Emma has the dreamiest home with the most impeccably tasteful interior style, and her new home office is no exception. It’s not even finished yet and already has me swooning!




This season has to be the best yet of the, now I hate to employ this overly used term, quirky television show. If you’ve not heard of it then do go and start from the first season. It’s created by Judd Apatow, Lesley Arfin, and Paul Rust, and starring Gillian Jacobs, and Rust himself. 

Season 3 of Love is now available on Netflix


Jessica Jones

Another Netflix offering, but this time one of the Marvel franchise. I really enjoyed season one but found this new season a slow starter. I’m about two thirds in now and enjoying it but not blown away which is a little disappointing after a rather long wait.



In my baking cupboard I’ve got my mum’s old recipes, all handwritten by her on little index cards and stored in a green box. With it being Mothers Day weekend I decided to try my hand at an old favourite biscuit that I remember my making making loads when I was little. They are oat and coconut biscuits which my mum called ‘Irish biscuits’ , though I’m not sure of the significance. They are incredible moreish due to the chewy texture that comes from the clever way they’re made. 

I’ll have to blog the recipe soon.


While we were away in Derbyshire over the weekend which you can read about in a couple of days, we went on a very muddy walk to where I scattered my mum’s ashes nearly ten years ago. I honestly have never seen so much mud! We had to find ways to walk round it and added lots of distance and time to the walk in doing so! Still we had a giggle about just how much mud covered our walking shoes and travelled up our trouser legs. It was as you might expect a very emotional morning for me, but I’m so pleased I got to share it with my little family. 

So yes, we wore walking boots and our waterproof coats ready to face what the weather could throw at us!





Laura Marling

This popped up on my Facebook feed this week and subsequently sent me down a Laura Marling rabbit hole.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

I do love singing along with Karen O while driving, much to the amusement of anyone that pulls up beside me!



Podcasts and Audiobooks

I’m continuing to enjoy Still Me by JoJo Moyes I honestly don’t want it to end. Podcast wise I listened to a few One Girl Band episodes while out running earlier in the week.


and lastly

We’ve got our rescheduled photo shoot with Robyn tomorrow, after having to cancel it twice I really hope nothing gets in the way this time! 

Before I go, have you entered my giveaway? It ends this weekend so if you haven’t then get clicking!


Have a fantastic weekend!


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morganaDelicious biscuits, a couple of good books and a weekend getaway #LittleLoves


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  • Chantelle Hazelden (@MamaMummyMum) - March 16, 2018 reply

    Oooo I forgot about the new season of Jessica Jones! The biscuits looks delicious. Hope the photo shoot goes well #LittleLoves

  • Lauren Woodward - March 16, 2018 reply

    Those biscuits look delicious! Will definitely be looking out for the recipe for those. xx

  • Angela Webster - March 16, 2018 reply

    The Mermaid & Mrs Hancock is on my wish list, I’ve seen so many good reviews of although I would have bought it anyway just for that stunning cover. I think it’s lovely that you made your mums old recipes in celebration of her for mother’s day. I can never get biscuits right when I try and bake them, those look delicious. Have a lovely weekend x

  • welliesontheschoolrun - March 16, 2018 reply

    Things must be tough without your Mum, Morgana, especially at times like Mother’s Day. So lovely to have that walk and spend time thinking about her and also laughing too. The biscuits look yummy, it’s nice to keep these family recipes going. Hope you have a lovely weekend and your photoshoot goes well xx

  • lifeasourlittlefamily - March 16, 2018 reply

    What a lovely week Morgana and your Sunday with your family sounds lovely. Can I have the recipe for those biscuits please? Love the colour of yellow throughout this post, your photos are lovely. Have a great weekend x

  • Joanna Bayford - March 16, 2018 reply

    Those biscuits look delicious I need to bake more. Love sounds like a good program will check it out.

  • mummymatters - March 17, 2018 reply

    Sounds like a great week, though I am sure Mother’s Day is a tough one for you. I’m afraid i haven’t heard of The Mermaid & Mrs Hancock but I shall add it to my ever-growing reading list. I shall try to step away from the biscuits (my downfall) x

  • mumreinvented - March 17, 2018 reply

    Sounds like you had a lovely, if bittersweet, weekend away. I love that you bake from your mum’s recipes. I often do that with my nan’s, it’s a lovely way to include people in your life who are no longer with us and even better to pass on their recipes to another generation. And those biscuits do look delicious, will be keeping my eyes peeled for the recipe. Hope you have a good weekend x

  • Emma - March 17, 2018 reply

    I can’t resist a pretty book cover I really want to watch Jessica Jones but I’m so behind on the Netflix Marvel series 🙁 I have started on Stranger Things though – better late than never!

  • Stacie (@ParkerandMe) - March 17, 2018 reply

    Look forward to seeing the recipe for the biscuits, they look yummy. Sounds like you still managed to have a lovely weekend away with family. Hope you enjoy the week ahead xx

  • Gemma@ gemslittletreasures - March 17, 2018 reply

    soundslike you had a lovely weekend and were lucky to spend it with your family around you. Those biscuits sound beautiful definitely look forward to seeing a recipe. I tend to judge a book by its cover and it’s certainly what sells me to one without a recommendation. Have a great week x

  • Jessica - March 17, 2018 reply

    I’m sorry that you found Mother’s Day hard without your mum, sending you lots of love. P.S. Those biscuits look delicious! X

  • RachelSwirl - March 17, 2018 reply

    The irish biscuits sound fab, I got my bake on this week with flapjack but am hoping to get gingerbread underway this week.

  • Donna vallance - March 18, 2018 reply

    I loved the cover of the mermaid book too, it’s on my reading list.
    I’ll look out for your Irish biscuit recipe x

  • eilidh - March 18, 2018 reply

    Those biscuits look delicious and sounds like you had a lovely weekend though it must be difficult. Hope the shoot went well.
    Eilidh x

  • Not A Frumpy Mum - March 21, 2018 reply

    I’ve made a bit of a promise to myself to start heading to bed earlier with a book rather than sitting in front of the TV so will be checking out your read section very carefully. I would totally have bought that book for the cover too, it’s so pretty! x

  • Sarah Christie - March 21, 2018 reply

    Ah so sorry about your Mum that must be so tough and glad you still enjoyed your mothers day and celebrated her through her recipes. That book looks so pretty and that is what I miss about reading books on the kindle x

  • Chloe Ciliberto - March 22, 2018 reply

    My bank account hates me reading your Little Loves purely because I always end up buying new books haha. I’m also off to read the post about being an introvert. I am a huge introvert and I just realised from what you said about really feeling low after watching emotional things that I do that too. I’d be interested to read your post on the subject too. I love Laura Marling! I think I’m about to fall down a Laura Marling rabbit hole after listening to this. It sounds like you had a very emotional weekend away with your family. I hope it was still so lovely though. And your Mums biscuit recipe clearly makes the most beautiful biscuits. I would love one of those, they look so delicious. x

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