Holidays, lots of Lego and a mummy-daughter date #littleloves

Welcome to this weeks Little Loves post!

Firstly a big thanks to Sian over at Potty Mouthed Mummy for hosting last week while I was away in France. I’m sorry I haven’t been around and read everyone’s posts but I’ll make up for it this week!

I’ve decided to combine this week and last week into my Little Loves so I can share a little about my holiday.


Being on holiday and my girls being old enough to play independently I was able to plough through a few books. Firstly, You Had Me at Hello, which was a really easy read and while not my favourite it was enjoyable and a perfect light holiday read.

I also enjoyed Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. I’ve read another book of hers previously and enjoyed it so when I was asked if I’d like to be sent this book I of course jumped at the chance. It took me a few chapters to get into it but once I did I was totally hooked and devoured it in just a couple of sittings.




Watching my girls play with their cousins was wonderful last week. Now that the littlest ones are 2 years old they are all able to join in and it’s a joy to watch.



This week we’ve binge watched Game of Thrones, The Following and The Affair, catching up on what we’d missed as well as this weeks episodes. They were all worth waiting for, that’s for sure! Having said that I really didn’t miss TV while we were away and it was nice to spend the evenings chatting and playing games with the mister’s family instead of just sitting silently on the sofa watching something.


My sandals! I took a few pairs of shoes away with me (as you do) but lived in my Birkenstocks. I absolutely adore them, and yes I now even have tan lines from them! Not that you can see them in this photo as I took this one on our first day.


We all wore sunscreen and of course slathered on the after sun at the end of the day. I know I go on about Green People, but I cannot recommend their sun range enough. As a family with sensitive skin, sun care can be really tricky but Green People have it sussed and we had no reactions to it, and I had no prickly heat, woo! The after sun got passed around the whole extended family most evenings!



All holiday we had the Into the Woods soundtrack on non-stop. I swear I know all the words to all the songs now, I even woke up singing one yesterday morning! I will not subject you to a song from the soundtrack, partly because I need a bit of a detox from it (!) but also I want to share the new song from Lianne La Havas. I adored her debut album so I’m really happy she’s released some new material.


Um… memories? Not made much else if I’m completely honest! The girls, however, have been busy with their Lego all week and it’s been set up on the dining room table every day, we’ve even eaten meals around it!




and lastly..

Noo has been off school this week for halfterm as well so it’s been a bit of a limbo week for me work wise. With E being at nursery for a couple of days I have really enjoyed spending some one on one time with N, something I rarely get to do these days.

We spent Thursday at the library and museum in our town and then I took her out to lunch at Turtle Bay – which she loved.







And of course, I just can’t resist ending with a quote..


 Have a lovely weekend!


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  • Kara - June 5, 2015 reply

    Wow sounds like you had a great holiday and that sand looks so white.
    Is it awful that I just can’t wait for the kids to get to the be able to play on their own age, I miss reading books so much.

    I love Birkies and have a few pairs, they are just so comfortable.

    It looks like you and N have had some lovely days, one on one time is so fab.
    So pleased to be linking up again, I am really enjoying being back with LittleLoves xx

  • jenny - June 5, 2015 reply

    Oh sounds like you had such a lovely time. Loving all the holiday fun. The girls look so grown up my goodness. Beautiful round of #littleloves Thanks for hosting my lovely.

  • Debs @ Super Busy Mum - June 5, 2015 reply

    Great post & we only watched Into the Woods recently. I’m not a big musical fan but I loved it, and how catchy are those songs! Thanks for hosting! x

  • Jess @ Catch A Single Thought - June 5, 2015 reply

    It sounds like our schools have done the same thing as Meg had an extra week off too which was lovely. Hope you had a fab holiday; I dream of the day when I can sunbathe and read a whole book!

  • Triona - June 5, 2015 reply

    Sounds like he had a great holiday, I’m very jealous! Love your Birkenstocks, I need to get myself a black pair! Looks like you and your biggest girl had a lovely day, I love Turtle Bay (I love their cocktails even more!). Hope he are settling back into a routine after there holiday, have a great week xxx

  • Mel @mydaysni - June 5, 2015 reply

    Looks like you guys had a great time in France! I think the lack of summer here and everyone’s holidays shots is definitely putting me in the mood for a wee holiday (not gonna happen though) I’m sure you have ‘made’ some great memories to cherish x

  • Stacie - June 5, 2015 reply

    Wow, sounds like a fantastic couple of weeks for you. Glad you had a lovely holiday, the beach looks gorgeous. I’ve heard of Lianne Moriarty but not read anything by her, will keep an eye out for some of her books.
    Enjoy your weekend xx

  • Alexandra @dontcallmestepmummy - June 5, 2015 reply

    I LOVE that quote, I think I need that framed somewhere in our home. So glad you had such a great time. I really enjoyed your song choice, I listened to her whilst I was writing up my #littleloves post. So lovely when the little ones are old enough to join in isn’t it? I love the girls could really play properly with their cousins. The photos of you and Noo are gorgeous, you’re looking stunning as ever xxx great round up #littleloves

  • Life at the Little Wood - June 5, 2015 reply

    I’ve been so jealous looking at all your holiday pictures Morgana. Sunshine!! Hope you had a really lovely time. It’s so nice to get a bit of one to one time with each of the kids. I really must make the effort to do it a bit more! Have a lovely weekend chicky xx

  • Angela at - June 5, 2015 reply

    I love your Linky! I’m joining up for the first time today. It looks like you had a fab time at the Library. We love going to the library too. Angela xx

  • Polly - June 5, 2015 reply

    Aaah it looks like you had a wonderful holiday! And such lovely pics from half term too. I absolutely LOVE your quote. Have a fab weekend! xx

  • Louisa - June 5, 2015 reply

    I’m glad that you’ve had a lovely holiday. It’s nice to have individual dates with your kids. I’m another fan of The Following and GoT. They’re fab aren’t they?
    Have a great week x

  • lianne @ one of ecah kind - June 5, 2015 reply

    Wow N. looks so much like you, like a little mini me. I love girl time with my daughter, it doesn’t happen often enough but when it does its very special.
    Hope you had a lovely holiday.
    thanks for hosting #LittleLoves

  • Lauryn - June 5, 2015 reply

    Ahh…so jealous of the photo with your feet in the sand. I feel like I could really do with a nice beach holiday. Luckily the sun it out here! The legos look great, we have different sets all over our house and it is hard to move them as I get into trouble for messing them up 😉 Have a great week! xx

  • Claire @ Clarina's Contemplations - June 5, 2015 reply

    Your holiday looks amazing Morgana! I’ve never had Birkenstocks, but I know everyone absolutely raves about them, so maybe I need to invest!! So precious to have time with your big girl… looks like she had a lot of fun too!

  • Anna-Marie - June 5, 2015 reply

    Sounds and looks like you and an amazing time on holiday! Its lovely to spend one on one time with the children isn’t it? Something that doesn’t happen very often! Have a lovey weekend xx

  • The L's Mum - June 5, 2015 reply

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time away with the family. Love that last quote by the way. I also love birkenstocks, they are just solo comfy. Have a lovely weekend, and week. #LittleLoves

  • MumReinvented - June 5, 2015 reply

    Looks like you had a great time on holiday. I like spending a little one on one time with my eldest when her little brothers at nursery and she’s off school. Looks like you and Noo had loads of fun together. Have a lovely weekend x

  • Kerri-Ann - June 5, 2015 reply

    Yay for holibobs. I used to love my birkenstocks but find they are sore now for some reason. Underfoot. Odd. I love the picture of you two together. You look so alike. I’ve never been to turtle bay before but go past it each morning to the office. Any good? x x

  • Gemma @ gemslittletreasures - June 5, 2015 reply

    How amazing-sand between your toes, happy children and a good book! Sounds like you’ve had an amazing time! Hope you have a lovely weekend and thanks for hosting this lovely Linky xx

  • Alice - June 5, 2015 reply

    What a fun couple of weeks 🙂 looks and sounds like you had a lovely holiday. Birkenstocks are great, perfect for most terrains! Hope you have a fab weekend xx

  • Esther @ Inside Out & About - June 5, 2015 reply

    I’m so glad that you had such a wonderful holiday! I love having tan lines on my feet to remind me that they’ve seen some sun. I am liking the sound of the ‘Into The Woods’ soundtrack. I (most of) the film. I love that you got to spend some time with Noo. So precious! xx

  • Amelia @ Oh Little One Sweet - June 6, 2015 reply

    Looks like you had a lovely holiday in France- the sand does look amazing! We are off to France in a couple of weeks to see my mum who lives over there, can’t wait! Looks like you had some lovely mummy-daughter time too at the museum and the cafe! Thank you for hosting Morgana! Amelia x

  • Not A Frumpy Mum - June 9, 2015 reply

    Looks like you had a lovely time in France, I loved seeing the pics on Instagram. I can imagine it’s great now that the girls are a little bit more independent and you get a bit of time in peace to have a read on holiday.

    Hope you’re having a lovely week x

  • Natalie - June 9, 2015 reply

    Damn, I thought I already commented! so sorry! Hope you had a lovely holiday, Loving snippets of your week, sandy toes on the beach shot, got to be done! love it, love that you had a Mother – daughter date, I had one too with my Yve’s, was very much needed. That ending quote is awesome x 🙂

  • Sam - June 10, 2015 reply

    Your holiday looks lovely Morgana! I love France. I think I was going to link to that Liane La Havas song last week but I got her mixed up with Lana Del Rey and couldn’t understand what was going on! I do like it though 🙂 Thanks for hosting Xx

  • Donna - June 11, 2015 reply

    It sounds like you had a lovely week and it must be wonderful to have time with your children individually – I’m looking forward to the time when I can go on dates with LP x

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