My August Little Loves

What a month, it’s hard to know where to begin! It’s been a juggle of work and spending time with my daughters, but I think we’ve done pretty well and certainly made a lot of memories. The glorious weather didn’t stick around for long into August, did it? No matter, we are pros at grey and rainy British summers now! We’ve taken day trips, had pajama days, been on a mini break to North Wales and so much more.

Without further ado lets get onto the wonderful little things from this month, go on grab a cuppa (or a glass, depending on the time of day..!) and have a read.




Playing Big by Tara Mohr

This book is one of those life changing reads, the kind where you want to underline so much and wish you could just absorb the wisdom via osmosis. It’s a book I will keep coming back to that’s for sure. If your inner critic likes to run the show or you just want guidance on how to make most out of your career then you need this book in your life.

The Party by Elizabeth Day

I actually read a novel! Woo! And this one was devoured in two days. I love literary novels that are character driven but not at the expense of the story, and this one had me feeling like I knew the people, like I was watching the whole thing unfolding. Fantastic. Definitely going to order her other books.

 I’ve also stumbled across Morgan Harper Nichols and her beautiful quotes via Pinterest.  







surf snowdonia wales

We had a mini break in North Wales where of course we just had to have another trip to Surf Snowdonia. It’s a wave garden which generates the perfect waves for learners and pros, my kids and husband all had lessons and were fab. You can read about our stay there last year – Learning to surf at Surf Snowdonia

Netflix – Orange Is The New Black (the latest season and now I’m starting from the beginning again with my husband!)

Prime – Unreal (the latest season is on fire!)

TV – Bodyguard (BBC1 Sunday 9pm) From the team behind Line of Duty, so you know it’s going to be unmissable TV

Films – The Incredibles 2,  A Quiet Place




There’s a country lane that runs behind our estate with hedges full of brambles, we picked a huge tubful of blackberries, perfect for homemade blackberry and apple crumble, yum. 




You know me, I’m rubbish when it comes to getting outfit shots. 

I’ve lived in my Birkenstocks and my yellow mac, and of course various outfits too!

What I’m really excited for though is the change from summer clothes to autumn (don’t hate me). I love the darker colours, the layers, boots and tights, so I’ve been excitedly pinning ideas




I love a good podcast, and I’ve managed to put together a list of all my favourites and also recommend episodes to listen to.

Click below to have a look (and a listen)


female podcast creative business twitter


Moses Sumney, Doomed – This track is in the last episode of the latest OITNB and it hit me so hard. The scene is incredibly emotive and this song is perfect. 


and lastly

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Have a fantastic weekend (and month ahead)!




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  • Anna-Marie - August 31, 2018 reply

    Sounds like a lovely August Morgana! I love that quote by Morgan Harper Nichols. I really like your style on pinterest. Im definitely a jean and jumper kind of gal in the autumn. I love the layer look though. Will remember to add the little love template to my stories! Ive forgotten the last few weeks!! Have a wonderful September lovely xx

  • Stacie - August 31, 2018 reply

    Sounds like you’ve had a lovely August! Surf Snowdonia sounds awesome, so adventurous! I’m looking forward to Autumn too, I love tights, jumpers and boots. Loved your podcast post, got some great recommendations from it! Enjoy September xx

  • Mum Reinvented - August 31, 2018 reply

    Sounds like you’ve had a fab month with the girls. And now I’m craving an apple crumble! I love your recommendations for podcasts, some of my faves on there. Have a great week x

  • Joanna Bayford - September 2, 2018 reply

    Sounds like a lovely month. Love the sound of that crumble we were planning to make an Apple one but didn’t get around to doing it.

  • Gail - September 3, 2018 reply

    Sound like you had a fab August Morgana. I’ve heard a lot about Playing Big, I definitely need to read it. Also hearing lots of good things about The Bodyguard. I have some catching up to do! xx

  • Lauren Scrapbook - September 4, 2018 reply

    Bodyguard is SO good isn’t it! I read The Party last month, it really is a great read isn’t it! Surf Snowdonia looks ace 🙂

  • Maisie - September 4, 2018 reply

    Sounds like a lovely month! The weather was weird wasn’t it! I need to read Playing Big! I really wanted to watch Bodyguard but from the bits I managed to catch, I got too emotional over so had to stop 🙁 x

  • Kara - September 6, 2018 reply

    I am so thankful for the podcast post as I find they really help me work on my boring day job days, off to try one now.

    That crumble looks amazing

  • Suzanne - September 7, 2018 reply

    Crumble of any kind is my absolute favourite! I also went to follow your Pinterest recommendation straight away – love her work 🙂 That novel sounds really good too – so many recommendations! xx

  • Chloe: Picture Taker Memory Maker - September 11, 2018 reply

    Much like you, apart from our holiday at the end of July, we’ve had a slow summer too. We also watched Incredibles 2 and made blackberry and apple crumble! Kindred spirits 🙂 I’ve heard good things about the Tara Mohr book – might have to give it a try. I hope September has got off to a good start for you lovely x

  • Sarah - September 21, 2018 reply

    It sounds like August was a fab month for you – that crumble looks delicious! We have loads of apples from my parents’ garden but I need to go out and find some blackberries 🙂

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