Reading How to Stop Time, discussing Smart Phone Addiction and making healthier choices #LittleLoves

It’s been a funny old week. Last Friday night my youngest girl fell badly on her ankle which led to a middle of the night A&E trip! No bones were broken only very bruised. This of course meant our weekend plans were cancelled and we played nursemaid to a very fed up seven year old. Thankfully we were lent a pair of crutches so she was able to go back to school on Monday. Fast forward to Thursday and she was healed enough to still take part in an athletics competition! 

So then lets get onto those wonderful little things from this week, grab a cuppa (or a glass, depending on the time of day..!) and have a read.





How to Stop Time

Second book of the month – done!

I’m afraid that after loving Eleanor Oliphant so much, this book had a tough act to follow meaning that I didn’t love How To Stop Time quite as much as I thought I would. Don’t get me wrong it was an enjoyable read and when I made proper space to read it I was captivated by the premise and story. It’s such an interesting idea, to have characters that live hundreds of years but ages so slowly, and the implications of that on his lives and those that he loves.

Blogs and articles

Smartphone addiction made me restless, anxious and muddled – Sali Hughes, The Pool

I mentioned on Instagram Stories that I’ve been feeling a bit blah and on edge recently, and after reading this article I can definitely see the link to that and the use of my smart phone. I’m working on a post inspired by this and what I’m trying to do to address it. Obviously ditching my smart phone and staying off social media is not an option in my line of work (!!) so I need to be more creative and intentional about it.

Wardrobe Edit – February – Life As Our Little Family

This fits under the Watched category too, as KA includes a vlog that talks us through the winter to spring transition. I love Kerri Ann’s style so found this really interesting and picked up loads of top tips too.




By the time Saturday evening rolled round I was exhausted. I even had to cancel plans I had to go out, with being up so late due to my youngest girl and then up at 5am to take my eldest to swim training, I was beat. We ordered take out and I requested a film that would make me laugh and require zero brain power – we went with Baywatch. It was perfect, and exactly what I needed. I like that it doesn’t take itself seriously and there are plenty of laughs in there. 


Save Me

I’ve been lucky enough to watch the first five episodes of this brand new series before it airs on the 28th of this month on Sky Atlantic, and oh boy, is it good. It’s from the makers of Line of Duty, so if you liked that this is a must watch. It had me gripped from the start, and I am DESPERATE to find out how it ends. Centred around the investigation of a missing teen, the daughter of Suranne Jones and estranged father, Lennie James (who is also the creator and writer of the series) it follows the investigation as well as the lives of all involved. The acting is impeccable but like Line of Duty it can be difficult viewing at times as it delves into the underbelly of society. If you like your drama gritty and gripping and suspenseful then this is the show for you.

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Feeling a bit blah always leads me to comfort viewing, last week it was Parks and Rec and this week Kimmy Schmidt. I’ve seen all of the episodes before but decided to go back to the beginning and I’m loving it.



Healthier choices

So originally I’d planned on ditching the scales… but after feeling that my clothes were a little tight I hopped on the sad step.. and it lived up to its name. I weighed more than I was expecting, but on a positive note it was the wake up call I needed. I am no gym bunny or yoyo dieter, I’ve never been interested in being thin or getting to a certain weight or dress size and that won’t change. I’d just like the clothes I own to fit me properly again! On reflection I have been reaching for the biscuit tin more than I should recently and been sat on my bum all day every day and that has consequences – especially at my age. I’ve got back into running two or three times a week, pre-prepped my lunches for the week and steered clear of the biscuit tin! I picked up some iron and vitamin supplements too and all of that combined has had a hugely positive impact on my mental health, not to mention my physical wellbeing. Now I just need to keep it up!



This is a section I need to work on. The week rolls on by and I’ve nothing prepared for this at all. I need to dig out my camera tripod and take some photos. I think my clothes feeling a bit tighter and not feeling particularly great has impacted on this, and made me less likely to make an effort and photograph it. Who wants to see me rocking a mum bun and sweat pants?! 






It’s been a mixed back music wise for me this week, from the heavier Royal Blood to bands like Wolf Alice and Arctic Monkeys



I’ve flitted around Podcast wise this week, I caught up on the new one from The Liturgists while running on Wednesday and listened to Janet Murrary talk about running Facebook Groups. If you’re a blogger or small business owner Janet has a wealth of knowledge on PR and a huge back catalogue of podcasts on so many useful topics. Definitely head on over and have a browse – Soulful PR with Janet Murray 


and lastly

I’ve got two fantastic giveaways going on so be sure to click and enter! There’s only a couple of days left on the Green People one.. Just saying!


Have a fantastic weekend!


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morganaReading How to Stop Time, discussing Smart Phone Addiction and making healthier choices #LittleLoves


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  • Suzanne W - February 23, 2018 reply

    Oh no don’t say that about How to Stop Time because it’s on my ‘to read’ list next and I’m putting it off because I loved Eleanor so much too! Am I not going to like it? Should I find another one? loving your Eucalyptus leaves in the top photos, aren’t they just gorgeous? So sorry you’re not feeling tip top of late. Interesting to hear that the small changes you have made have had an effect. Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend. xx

    morgana - February 23, 2018 reply

    I still enjoyed it, maybe read something else in between? It’s always a risk reading something that’s been hyped or has great reviews. You end up having silly expectations! x

  • Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too - February 23, 2018 reply

    So Sorry to hear about your daughter falling (and the middle of the night trip to A&E), it’s funny how they bounce back so quickly. If that were us we would be hobbling for weeks

  • Emma - February 23, 2018 reply

    Ooh, I love Lennie James. Thanks for the recommendation, the show sounds aces. And I know what you mean about social media. I keep reading about the benefits of digital detoxes but as a blogger, and someone who works in marketing for her day job, it’s not the most realistic idea. I could definitely do with cutting back though.

  • Claire | The ladybirds' adventures - February 23, 2018 reply

    it’s amazing how fast they bounce back. I keep forgetting about soulful PR. that episode sounds useful. I co run a Facebook group.

  • welliesontheschoolrun - February 23, 2018 reply

    Really interesting post about smartphone usage – I too have made some changes to how I use my phone recently and also wrote about it on the blog. For me, not checking my phone before leaving the house in the morning or after we’ve eaten our evening meal has made a big difference. I don’t think I was a terribly heavy phone user anyway but the times I were hopping on to it just weren’t working out for me xx

  • Jenny Ripatti-Taylor (@letstalkmommy) - February 23, 2018 reply

    Loved Kerri-Ann Wardrobe Edit I keep telling her to do more fashion vlogs she is great at it. Even though different styles I love her style. That post about smartphone addiction looking forward to yours as well. I have one of my own in the making after reading something similar it’s amazing how getting into a routine or a habit I should call it can change our moods and irritability. I noticed mine is at an all time high need to find balance in that as you said we can’t go off social media with our jobs but somehow I need to make it not effect me or my moods so badly. I find I have less patience because I am always tryng to tick the next box with each social media I hate that. Definitely lots to discuss coming soon on that topic. Reading the same book not sure about it definitely not a page turner but still at the beginning. Verdict out Have a lovely weekend. #littleloves

  • Anna-Marie - February 23, 2018 reply

    Can’t wait to watch Save Me! The trailer looks so good! I caught K-A’s video, lots of helpful tips given! Glad littlest is ok and all healed! Have a wonderful weekend xx

  • RachelSwirl - February 23, 2018 reply

    I for one would love to see you rocking a Mum bun and wearing sweat pants, it may make me feel better lol

  • Joanna Bayford - February 23, 2018 reply

    I must admit I could do with a digital detox and agree its hard to do as a blogger. I’ve been hearing about the 2 books you have mentioned a lot recently they must be good if so many people are raving about them.#LittleLoves

  • angiemwebster77 - February 24, 2018 reply

    Your poor daughter, it’s great to hear she recovered so quickly and didn’t miss her competition. I have How to stop time on my wish list but I’m just not sure about it, I’ve heard mixed reviews. I can’t wait to watch Save Me, every time the advert comes on I get excited, it looks absolutely brilliant, very jealous you’ve had a sneak peek x

  • mummymatters - February 24, 2018 reply

    I keep feeling the need to switch off my mobile phone and push the laptop out of sight but i don’t seem to be able to get on top of my to-do list long enough to let them be. I am trying to switch off an hour earlier each evening so that I can let my brain rest ready for bed but it doesn’t always happen x

  • mumreinvented - February 24, 2018 reply

    Glad littlest is ok and getting back to herself, poor little thing! I’d love a digital detox. Not sure my social media clients would appreciate it if I did though! I need to read that Eleanor Oliphant book, I’ve been meaning to buy it for ages and never got around to it. Hope you’re having a good weekend x

  • Not A Frumpy Mum - February 25, 2018 reply

    Hope your daughter is feeling better lovely. I know what you mean about feeling a bit meh, I’ve been like that recently which also coincides with feeling a bit heavier than normal, too much bread over here. I’ve tried to make the most of half term and been out walking with the boys a lot but I need to start running again too. xx

  • traceycwilliams - February 25, 2018 reply

    Sorry to hear about your daughter Morgana, but just goes to show how quickly kids bounce back if she was competing in her athletics competition later on in the week. I have a huge Eleanor shaped hole in my life too, and I have reverted back to reading a chick lit book. I do have the Matt Haig book from my mum to read soon x

  • Sarah Christie - February 26, 2018 reply

    I am exactly the same I just want to feel good in my skin and my clothes fit me, Ah I hope she is ok, Jack and Joe are always injuring their ankles it drives me mad I hope hers makes a fun recovery. xx

  • Chloe: Picture Taker Memory Maker - February 27, 2018 reply

    Glad your littlest hasn’t broken anything – hope she heals quickly. I like the sound of How To Stop Time – I keep seeing it in bookshops and thinking about buying it. Maybe I should! Save Me looks really good too – I don’t really watch much TV but the advert for it did catch my attention. I think you look beautiful and don’t need to change anything at all.

  • lifeasourlittlefamily - February 28, 2018 reply

    Aww your poor girl, I hope she is better now. I felt the same just after Christmas – last weekend I actually felt a little better about myself for the first time – my problem is the treats. I am a naughty girl, sneaking off to the kitchen for a sweet treat! Thanks for including my post lovely and off to look at that social post x

  • Stacie (@ParkerandMe) - February 28, 2018 reply

    Glad your little one made a quick recovery – what a trooper taking part in an Athletics competition! I’ve just seen ‘Save Me’ pop up on SKY this evening, think I might have to start watching. I tried to read that book by Matt Haig a few months ago, but couldn’t get into it. Hope you’re week has been a good one, and you’ve ‘enjoyed’ the snow! xx

  • Laura (@dearbearandbean) - March 1, 2018 reply

    I’m off to read that post on smart phones and social media as I definitely feel like it’s impacting my moods lately. I too am reaching for the biscuit tin too much and feeling it. I’m the same and I don’t weigh myself I just go by clothes and they are feeling too snug x

  • Eilidh - March 2, 2018 reply

    I hope your little girls ankle is ok now! I’ve struggled trying to read my next book after Eleanor Oliphant too! I would love to ditch my phone, I’m way too dependent on it but like you it’s just not possible so I will definitely be interested to read how you are going to do it more!
    Eilidh x

  • RachelSwirl - March 3, 2018 reply

    No I totally didn’t realise the linky closed on a Saturday, I was hoping to post mine tonight. Eeek when does it usually close?

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