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We all know that working on your own can get lonely, whether that’s creating in a workshop or tapping away at your keyboard in a coffee shop or late into the night while your kids sleep. Not having colleagues to bounce ideas off to or just chat to about last night’s must see TV can soon become something you really miss. This is one of the core reasons why I created the Coffee Work Sleep Creatives, my community of creative entrepreneurs and small business owners, as much as this introvert loves having her own peaceful space to work I do miss having real life connections with people. I knew that I didn’t just want my creatives group to exist solely online but to have actual physical meet ups too. After a few months of just being a Facebook group I tentatively floated the idea of having a meet up and was blown away by the interest, not just from people I knew and already met for coffee one to one but people I’d never met in real life before. Last month we held our fourth meet up, and this one was a little different. Instead of being hosted by the team at Town House we met at the home of Amy and Chris the founders of The Northern Dough Co.

You might have spotted The Northern Dough Co products in the frozen section of your local Sainsburys or Waitrose, it’s ready to roll pizza dough. So what better way to showcase their produce to fellow Coffee Work Sleep Creatives than to host a pizza party! With cakes by Bex – The Brinscall Baker, who was our business spotlight for that month, it was the perfect culinary themed meet up.



Our members are from all over the North West of England (also a few based in North Wales and Southern Scotland!), but these meet ups usually attract those a little closer to Preston. One day I hope to have meet ups like this all over, but lets not run before we can walk.


Amy, Northern Dough Co and Bex, Brinscall Baker



Sometimes our meet ups are based around a particular theme, this time however, apart from quick intros from myself, our hosts and Bex the baker it was all about the mingle and the pizza and cake. Informal chatting at it’s finest. I loved having a wander and catching snippets of conversations, there was skill sharing going on, ideas being talked through as well as general ‘getting to know you’ kind of chats. 



The pizzas were delicious, as you’d expect them to be. Amy and Chris prepared them as we chatted and each pizza was stone baked in their outdoor oven. This totally got me Googling outdoor pizza ovens and imagining hosting our own family pizza parties in the garden! Of course, I’ll be hitting up my local Sainsburys to stock up on Northern Dough Co pizza dough.



If you are a female freelancer or creative business owner in the north west and would like more information about the group and our meet ups then take a look here –Coffee Work Sleep Creatives

We’ve got lots of exciting plans in September so come join in and be part of our community.



A huge thank you to Amy and Chris for hosting us and of course to Robyn Swain Photography for capturing the event so beautifully.

morganaCoffee Work Sleep Creatives X The Northern Dough Co


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  • Suzanne - August 9, 2018 reply

    I always love reading about your meet ups Morgana – such a fantastic idea! You all looked like you were having a great time. I’ve never heard of the Northern Dough Co as a concept but will certainly be looking out in my local Tesco store – such a great concept and would save me a lot of time. Much healthier than Dominoes for the kids too 😉

  • Kerri-Ann - August 10, 2018 reply

    Gosh that pizza, the setting, the photography and those macarons. Gorgeous and what a lovely way to network, looks so relaxed

  • Chloe: Picture Taker Memory Maker - August 13, 2018 reply

    What an utterly gorgeous space! It looks like it was a busy event – that’s fantastic and I think it’s wonderful that you’ve created this community.

  • Sarah Christie - August 18, 2018 reply

    The meet ups look fab and that kitchen wow! Its so great to have a good network around you it makes such a difference when you work from home x

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