From MumBoss to Start Up – what’s in a name?

I set up my MumBoss Interview series a while ago now and each business owning mum I’ve featured has inspired me, and I hope you’ve found their stories interesting too. I love the idea of promoting and supporting mums that have taken the step to start something of their own, whether it’s a small side business that fits around family or one that involves leading a big team and a massive budget, all are valid and I’m sure you’ll agree are bloody hard work. These women are not messing around and playing at being ‘businessy’, building a business takes grit and determination and often a lot of risk and that’s worth baring in mind.

I’m well aware that the term mumpreneur and now mumboss are contentious and even seen as derogatory and belittling to women in business and this was never something I’d want to align myself with. I wanted MumBoss to be empowering and never wanted it to be seen as belittling. I’ve ummed and aahed over the past year about changing the name of this category of posts that showcases mum led businesses but have struggled to find a term that wouldn’t end up as being just as reductive as the ones that came before it. As much as it’s good for SEO and keywords I don’t want to put anyone off from reading the stories of each of these mothers and their businesses just because of one word, or in this case, hashtag.

When reading Alice of More Than Toast’s articulately worded post, We Are Not Sodding Mumpreneurs, on her dislike of the word ‘mumpreneur’ and all the patronising comments and connotations that follow it I knew it was time to rebrand. Like I mentioned earlier, it took me a while to figure out what to change the name to, and in the end I went back to why I started this category and what it was all about. As I stated at the beginning of this post, I find stories of people that set up businesses since having children super inspiring, and it was their stories that I wanted to share. It’s not specifically about being a mum in business but a parent starting up a business, and with that in mind I decided to change #MumBoss Interviews to Start Up Stories.

So with that in mind, I hope to share businesses that have been started up my both parents as a joint venture, dad led businesses and of course mum led ones. So many businesses have been started up address gaps in the market that have been discovered since having children, honestly I could name hundreds, and these are the stories I want to share, whether it’s day 1 for that business of ten years down the line. There is so much wisdom and experience that I can’t wait to share!

Of course, it’s not just interviews I’ll be sharing in the Start Up category but posts about running a business, hints and tips, social media hacks and much more.

I hope you like and support this rebrand do let me know what you think in the comments, and if you’re reading this and have a story to share then do get in touch as I would love to hear it!

Read all the interviews so far here –

morganaFrom MumBoss to Start Up – what’s in a name?


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  • Hayley @hayleyfromhome - March 9, 2017 reply

    Such a great idea Morgana, I must admit I hadn’t given much thought to the negative connotations on Mumpreneur and Mumboss but I can totally see how they can come across that way. I love the name Start Up Stories, looking forward to reading about some more about the great businesses you promote, so inspiring to see people taking a chance and putting themselves out there! xx

  • Kerry - March 9, 2017 reply

    I have to admit that the negative connotations don’t really ring true to me. I think you can pick holes in most things, if you try hard enough, but I appreciate some people aren’t keen on the term and respect their reasons. I absolutely love the new name though, it has a nice ring to it and love the idea of your posts telling their stories. Best of luck for the relaunch xxx

  • Jess Soothill - March 10, 2017 reply

    Yes I read her post too and definitely agreed – however, whatever we call ourselves it is GREAT that more and more women are starting up businesses and that we talk about it so much. Good luck and keep me posted xx

  • Kerri-Ann - March 12, 2017 reply

    Love the new name change. I’ve never really thought about the negative connotations but that might be because I haven’t set up my own business, although my blog feels a little like that. I think in life we all label each other, whether male/female etc. I think its lovely that with opening the name you will be able to feature a wider range of start ups. Really exciting x

  • Heledd - Running in Lavender - March 12, 2017 reply

    Ah you went with Start Up Stories, good idea!! I know what you mean, I’m so fascinated by people who’ve started up their own business and love reading their stories. I think it’s because deep down it’s something I’d love to do. Maybe one day…

  • Jenny - March 12, 2017 reply

    I think Start Up Stories is the best name EVER! It doesn’t single anyone out it’s always nice to rebrand and get away from that negative association too with mumboss it’s getting a bit heated these days using such a nice term. It’s brilliant to support those having families and taking that plunge and reading how they started and what they are doing after children and bringing new ideas out there to life. #wrc

  • Pamela | Life With Munchers - March 13, 2017 reply

    Love it! It’ll be nice to read mum and dad stories. I never fussed for the terminology, but I guess it’s more inclusive now xx

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