Helen shares BabyLoved’s Start Up Story

I am such a fan of this lady and her business! I’ve known Helen for just over a year after meeting through my old business, Little and Fierce kids, and since then we’ve become great friends. In this interview you’ll get to know about the wonderful event she runs and how she started it all off. I’ve been to BabyLoved as a stall holder and as a customer and each time I come away with a smile on my face and lots of goodies too!


 Hi, I’m Helen. I’m actually a teacher by profession and have been teaching secondary Physical Education for the last 11 years. I’m really into my fitness and have a love for both squats and sweets in equal measures.


Tell us a little bit about your business

BabyLoved is a local premium pop up event for parents in Preston, Lancashire.  It has been going for 1.5 years now and specialises in showcasing the best local independent businesses, along with super services available to families with little ones.  There’s also ‘Perfect Preloved’ items on offer at a fraction of the original cost, along with our on site barista and quality cakey refreshments.


Once you had the idea for BabyLoved how did you go about turning it into a reality?

I was super fortunate to have the help of a friend when setting up BabyLoved.  Between us, we would meet up to discuss our plan of action, divide up the jobs and then we begun being more active on social media.  It really just snowballed from there. 


What’s been the hardest part of your life as a start up business so far and how do you overcome those kinds of hurdles?

The hardest thing for me as an events business is knowing that people will attend!  I’ve worked really hard on incentives, and what started out as a problem is now a ‘selling point’.  I offer free goody bags for all advance purchased tickets as an incentive. All the items sourced for the goody bags are from other like minded bigger brands who want to get their product out there.  If you’re wanting a ticket (and your free goody bag of treats), you can reserve one here (use discount code CWS25 for 25% off).  Here’s where you can catch all the latest event info too.


I run on black coffee and chocolate biscuits when I’m working, what couldn’t you live without? 

Flat whites and protein bars all the way.  Oh, and a quality fringe trim so I can see my screen!


When running a business these days, especially when you sell online, you need to build a strong social media presence, which is your favourite platform and do you have any tips for running it?

My personal fave is Instagram as I love the visual appeal of all the squares coming together.  This is a great platform for connecting with many of the other local businesses I work with.  Facebook is where my main attendee base comes from, so I like to rock both of these social media platforms.  I’m always looking for ways to work better on there. I’ve really enjoyed using the survey/poll functions on FB and Insta and have found its yielded some useful info which I have acted upon.

What’s been the best part of running BabyLoved so far? Has there been a ‘pinch yourself to check it’s real’ kind of moment for you?

The best part about running Babyloved has genuinely been speaking with attendees and local business stall holders on the day.  Making links and planning for the future with them on the day, is really exciting. I’ve made some really lovely online pals too and connected with old friends from childhood which has been really sweet.   I also really love that I’m able to support the Preston Womens’ Refuge through organising a collection of essential items for women and families fleeing domestic violence. It’s super to be able to put my organisational skills to good use and facilitate this collection for them.


Has being a parent influenced the way your business works? 

Being a parent has 100% made me prioritise and be really strict on what I will and won’t spend time on with BabyLoved.  Sometimes things aren’t as ‘finished’ or as ‘polished’ as I would like but I just roll with it as there’s often more pressing matters to deal with when small people need their Babyccinnos 😉


What’s currently your favourite aspect of your business? And your least..!

I would say my favourite part is connecting with other like minded folk for coffees and passing it off as a ‘business meeting’!  The least fun part is before an event and I’m needing ticket sales to reach a magic number in order for my heart rate to return to a normal level.



What’s in store for BabyLoved?

WELL, I’ve got some plans for the not-so-distant future to collaborate with a larger super stylish event!  It’s still in planning stages so I can’t share the details just yet but I’m really excited about it and it’s a giant step for BabyLoved. I’m also planning a small re-brand to keep the BabyLoved brigade in events. Currently BabyLoved is aimed at 0-4 but I’m hoping the age range can expand a little to meet the needs of the attendees and their  troops of ‘growing up’ people.


Whether practical or inspirational, what is your top piece advice for anyone out there wanting to take that leap and start their own business?

I would say ‘remember who you’re doing this for’.  You’re not in competition with all the fabulous insta-brands out there so don’t compare your insides with their outsides.  Use these brands for inspiration and aspiration but keep your reality-check-radar on. For me it’s about remembering that I have family and friends to enjoy, I’m a part-timer in business and a part timer in my actual teaching role.   I have to remember that my 1 hour or 1 days work for BabyLoved each week can’t be compared to another person’s full time job.



The next BabyLoved event is taking place on 13.5.18 at Hoghton Village Hall PR5 0SG. Top tip – from personal experience I recommend you come prepared and bring cash with you ready to get some fab goodies! Tickets are available to purchase at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/babyloved-preston-13518-tickets-45448313128 and I’ve a special discount code for my readers to get 25% off their ticket price – CWS25


I’m also excited to share that Helen has tickets for you guys to win – one for you and one for a friend!

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Find out more about BabyLoved


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morganaHelen shares BabyLoved’s Start Up Story


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  • Jess Soothill - May 2, 2018 reply

    What great advice and such a fab story — always good to hear people chasing their dream. Great post 🙂

  • Suzanne - May 3, 2018 reply

    I think any of us could relate and benefit from listening to that last piece of advice – don’t compare your insides to other peoples outsides! Helen sounds like a lovely person and that fringe! I also love the colours of this post/brand, really unusually but gives it such a ‘pop’. Great post Morgana, lovely to see you still promoting the small businesses 🙂

  • lifeasourlittlefamily - May 3, 2018 reply

    Aww how lovely does Helen sound and look. I think I could share a cup of coffee with her! Gorgeous colours to the brand x

  • Chloe: Picture Taker Memory Maker - May 6, 2018 reply

    It sounds like an upmarket version of NCT Nearly New Sales – I used to get loads of bargains from there when my girls were tiny. What a brilliant idea to incorporate other local businesses and bloggers as well as donating to a local charity too. I hope it grows in the way she wants it to – there’s definitely a market for older kids products (speaking from personal experience!)

  • Jo - Not a Frumpy Mum - May 8, 2018 reply

    I love this idea, and it looks like a refreshing change to some of the baby sales where it looks like a lot of old tat has been placed out for sale. I think it might be dangerous for me (and my bank balance) to attend!

  • Heledd - Running in Lavender - May 9, 2018 reply

    What a great business idea, I love this!! I also love the branding as well as the concept. Helen looks super cool and sounds so enthusiastic which great.

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