Interview with Vikki and Dom from The Cake Tasting Club #MumBoss

You all know how much I love cake, right? Well combine that love with my love for small businesses kick started by mamas and you have a winning combination in my eyes. Introducing this month’s Mum Bosses Vikki and Dom, the force behind The Cake Tasting Club.

Cake Tasting Club

Hello! We are Vikki, mum of three/expert multi-tasker, and Dom, mum of strong willed two year old and tiny human/lover of all things cake and carb based! Basically we are obsessed with desserts and would always have double pudding when the opportunity presents itself.  

Tell us a little bit about your business

Our cheeky little business is The Cake Tasting Club (had you at cake right?!) which is a subscription based business delivering you surprise cake by mail in letterbox friendly boxes. If you love cake, and who doesn’t right (only weirdos) this is the club for you. We currently have three jazzy options of boxes – The Classic which is a mixed box of three bakes, The brownie box which is a box of three different brownies (or blondies) and the mini box for one which contains one generous portion of baked loveliness. The choice is yours kipper.


What made you want to start up The Cake Tasting Club?

Both of us have other businesses, Vikki runs a wooden toy business and Dom a local cake business and we met whilst showcasing our wares in a local pop-up shop enterprise. We clicked on our love of cake and felt our combined skills could create an amazing venture- the cake tasting club was born! Ta da!

Cake Tasting ClubOnce you had the idea how did you go about turning it into a reality?

Basically we were both so excited by the concept that we just did everything initially needed to set it up really quickly, banged the website out and got chatting it up on social media! The rest is history!


Have you made any mistakes?

Probably lots! But I think it’s all a learning curve, you just need to learn from it and keep pushing forward.


Best thing about running your own business?

The flexibility, being able to work the hours you can around other commitments. I think working in a partnership is also really great as you keep each other motivated and also you can eat lots of cake together- off cuts are the best.

Cake Tasting Club

The hardest thing?

We are both busy mums, so the time we have is limited it’s sometimes tricky to prioritise and use the time we have best because there’s always a million things we could be getting on with! Makes me think about all the time I had before kids- what did I do with it?


What inspires you?

Certain cheeky celebrities (I’m looking at you Mr Hollywood) no but really other amazing MumBoss business owners out there who are running all these amazing small businesses. I feel like we are in this lovely little community of support, everyone looks out for each other and there’s a real sense of a collective goal. Sisters are doing it for themselves! Oh yeah.


Any advice for anyone out there thinking of starting up their own business?

Just go for it and trust your instincts! I think planning is good but you can plan, plan, plan so I think just get going and learn along the way! The joy of running your own business is that you can break the rules. You can do it girl!


As a treat for you, my lovely readers..

Classic Box is normally £15 but first box is £9.99 with code CAKETRIAL



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morganaInterview with Vikki and Dom from The Cake Tasting Club #MumBoss

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