My word for 2019 – GRIT

I am the queen of giving up when things get tough. I start so many things full of enthusiasiam with a gung ho attitude but when the novelty has worn off I soon lose interest and motivation. Like when I decided I’d get up before the kids to have time to get ready for the day ahead. It sounds great on paper and I felt so good, and of course rather smug, when I did it for the first few days. This positivity didn’t last long though and I soon found myself hitting snooze and falling back into old habits of sleeping as long as possible before hauling myself out of bed and rousing the children in a more panicked way than I’d have liked.

Rather than setting a list of resolutions at the start of the year, I choose an intention or word that I’d like to focus on. Afterall, with what I’ve already said in mind, you just know that all my resolutions will be broken in a few days anyway! I spent some time over Christmas reflecting on what my word could be, previously it’s been balance (2018), and grace (2017) but this year I felt I needed more of a bold, challenging word. It may sound rather an odd choice, grit, it’s certainly not a fluffy, serene word. It brings with it a sense of determination and that is exactly what I need in all areas of my life.

I’m so good at taking care of myself when it comes to setting boundaries, taking time out, having a bath and reading a book. Yet when it comes to looking after my physical health, I’m not so good. I’m talking prioritising exercise and eating well. Like with getting up early I often start well with making positive changes to my eating habits and setting time aside to go for a ‘run’ but as soon as my motivation starts to wane, even slightly, I chuck it all in. Running is another perfect example – I cannot tell you how many times I’ve started couch to 5k but I can tell you that I’ve never completed it.
Grit and determination are the side of self love that too often get brushed aside.

When the going gets tough I get going

If there’s an easy option I’ll take it, every time.

I feel like I never push on enough to see my goals met, it’s as if I self sabotage just before I achieve anything, before I reach that tipping point.

I’ve spurred on by the choice of this word and change of mindset by my family, my daughters and my husband. My eldest daughter, for example, is one of the most determined people I’ve ever met. Long term readers will know that she swims for a swimming club and a lot of our time is spent taking her to training and galas. Seeing how far she has come and her attitude to her training never fails to inspire me. She pushes herself and is so very self motivated. A lot of people have asked if we push her or make her go to the training sessions, especially those early morning ones, but hand on heart I can say that apart from the odd occasion she is the one that is up and raring to go. She sets herself mini goals, like leading out her lane or working on her time and she smashes them. The joy she gets from swimming is incredible.

I want some joy like that in my own life. That sense of achievement that comes with pushing on and seeing goals and dreams realised. Whether it’s prioritising my physical health my ring fencing my time to exercise or challenging myself to make healthier choices – and stick to them!

Do you have a word or intention for the year ahead? I’d love to find out about it if you do.

morganaMy word for 2019 – GRIT


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  • Lauren Woodward - January 11, 2019 reply

    Such a good word Morgana, and the meaning with it.
    I think it’s easy when choosing a word to come up with something obvious or that is a bit “typical” (yours definitely isn’t either of those) which another reason why like last year I haven’t quite settled on one yet x

    morgana - January 15, 2019 reply

    Thanks Lauren! It was a tricky choice that I definitely mulled over a little longer than previous years. I’m pleased with it – even though it’s super challenging for me! x

  • Gemma @ gemslittletreasures - January 15, 2019 reply

    Oh my goodness what a good word to have as your intention! I’m exactly like you it seems-eager, enthusiastic, determined to start with but the willpower of something that has very little willpower. I give up way too easily and therefore rarely reach my goals. I then get angry with myself and beat myself up over it – and this is a repetitive cycle! I wish you the bets of luck xx

    morgana - January 16, 2019 reply

    Thanks Gemma. It’s such a frustrating cycle to be stuck in isn’t it? Here’s hoping for some intentional break hroughs for both of us this year! x

  • Kara - January 24, 2019 reply

    Such a good word, it has meaning when you say it.

    My word is Creativity and my Mantra as such is F*ck You not me.

    I really hope I stick to both, so far it hasn’t been easy but I really feel I have been doing massively better.

    I agree with you about our kids though, they really are the inspiration as they really do practice what we wish we did xx

  • Susan Earlam - January 25, 2019 reply

    ooh I love it! It’s amazing how our kids teach us stuff about ourselves isn’t it? Good Luck! x

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