What is a Double Espresso? A Guide to the Perfect Coffee Shot

Do you love the taste of a good cup of coffee? If you do, then you’re probably looking for ways to make your coffee even better. In this blog post, we will answer the question: What is a Double espresso? As well as how to make one that is perfect for your taste buds!

What is a double espresso?

A double espresso is a coffee shot that is made up of two espresso shots. It’s significantly stronger than a single shot of espresso and should be enjoyed in moderation. The extra espresso shots mean that a double shot of espresso has more caffeine than a regular espresso. If you’re looking for an extra boost of energy, a double espresso is a great choice.

What is the difference between a single and double espresso shot?

The main difference between a single shot of espresso and a double espresso shot is the amount of coffee. A double shot has twice the amount of coffee that a single espresso shot has, making it more potent. 

Keep in mind that because a double shot of espresso has more coffee, it will also have more caffeine. So if you’re sensitive to caffeine or just want to avoid an energy crash later on, stick with a single espresso shot.

what is a double espresso

How many calories are in a double espresso?

A double espresso generally contains around 30-40 calories. However, the calorie content of your coffee drink will also depend on any added syrups or creamers. Additionally, it will depend if you choose to add anything else to your drink.

What are the benefits of Double Espresso?

When it comes to coffee, everyone has different preferences. Some like it black, some like it with cream and sugar, and some like it strong and bold. No matter what your preference is, there’s no denying that a double shot of espresso packs a serious punch. If you’re looking for an extra boost of energy or just want to enjoy a more intense flavour, then this coffee is for you.

A double espresso is a strong coffee drink that is perfect for those who need an extra boost of energy. Here are three benefits of drinking a double espresso:

It contains twice the amount of caffeine as a regular espresso, which can give you the energy you need to power through your day.

A double espresso has a richer flavour than a regular espresso, making it perfect for those who appreciate the bold taste of coffee.

Additionally a double espresso can be used to make other coffee drinks, such as cafe lattes and cappuccinos, more flavourful. If you’re looking for a delicious way to wake up in the morning, try brewing yourself a double espresso.

What are some popular ways to enjoy a double espresso?

A double espresso is most commonly enjoyed on its own, with the double shots providing a nice bold flavour. It can also be enjoyed with a small amount of milk to mellow out the intensity of the coffee flavour from the double shots. 

Some people also like to add a sweetener to their drink, such as sugar or honey. If you want to get really creative, you can even use a double espresso in cocktails or other coffee drinks. Let us know if you have a creative recipe in the comments below.

What is the difference between a double espresso & a latte?

The difference between double espresso and a latte is the difference between night and day. A latte is a coffee drink made with a single shot of espresso and steamed milk, while a double espresso is simply two shots. 

Another difference will be the size of the drink. The amount of espresso in a single shot is 30ml and a double shot contains 60ml. Whereas with a latte the coffee will also include milk and is often served in around 220ml.

A double espresso will give you a much more intense caffeine buzz, while a latte will be smoother and creamier. If you need an extra boost to get through your day, go for the double espresso. But if you want something to relax with at night, stick to the latte. 

What ingredients are needed to make a double espresso at home?

You will need the following items to make a double espresso at home:

  • An espresso machine
  • Coffee Beans & Grinder of your choice (Or already ground coffee)
  • Cup, glass or mug of your choice

If you are starting out in the world of coffee it can be tempting to buy cheaper equipment to get started with. This is not a bad idea as it helps keep your start-up costs low, while you figure out if it really is for you. However, you do get what you pay for, and coffee machines are a great long term investment. So ensure you pick your equipment wisely.

How do I make a double espresso?

Making a great double espresso starts with using high-quality beans that have been freshly ground. You’ll also want to use filtered water that is at the correct temperature – too hot and your espresso will be burnt, too cold and it will be weak. The grind size is also important – too fine and your espresso will be bitter, too coarse and it won’t have enough flavour.

  • To get the perfect espresso shot, start by heating your water to around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Use a coffee grinder to grind your beans to a medium-fine grind size. 
  • Next, place your grounds in an espresso machine’s filter basket and tamp them down lightly. 
  • Finally, brew your espresso for 25-30 seconds and enjoy!

Brewing a great double espresso is an art form, but following these tips should help you make a delicious coffee shot at home. Give it a try at home.


A double espresso is a coffee shot that is twice the size of a single espresso. It contains more caffeine and has a stronger flavour. The difference between a single and double is in the amount of time it is brewed for – a double is brewed for twice as long as a single. This makes the drink stronger and more flavourful. 

The double shots typically have more caffeine than a regular cup of coffee, making it a good choice for those looking for an energy boost. When made correctly, it should have a thick layer of crema on top. This is the result of the perfect balance of water and ground coffee, and it is what gives the espresso its characteristic flavour. 

If you want to make a double espresso at home, all you need is a good quality coffee grinder and an espresso machine. Grind your coffee beans to a medium-fine grind and then place them in the basket of your espresso machine. For a double shot, use twice as much coffee as you would for a single shot. Tamp down the grounds gently and then brew according to your machine’s instructions. 

A double espresso is the perfect way to start your day or give yourself a midday pick-me-up. It is strong, flavourful, and packed with caffeine. With a little practice, you can make the perfect double espresso at home.


Where can I buy a double espresso?

If you’re interested in trying a double espresso, you can purchase them at any coffee shop. Many grocery stores also sell pre-packaged double espressos that you can brew at home.

How to order a double espresso in your favourite coffee shop?

To order a double espresso in your favourite cafe, simply ask for two shots of espresso in one cup. Additionally, you can ask for a “doppio” which is the Italian term for double. If you want to make it weaker, you can ask for hot water to be added. Otherwise, enjoy as is!

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